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“I took Carrie’s enCircle birth doula workshop the summer prior to opening my doula practice. After participating in a very large and strictly formatted training for a different birth profession, I so appreciated the refreshing style of learning that Carrie was able to offer through this particular training. Every week for two months half a dozen of us would cozy up in Big Belly Services all day to learn about the role of the doula, talk about birth, and bear witness to each other’s journeys. I felt prepared and supported to enter into a successful and rewarding career as a birth doula.

Carrie’s teaching style flows easily and she is ever attentive to the unique needs of her students – I can’t recommend a more down-to-earth, joyful and kind-hearted person to have as a mentor and teacher!” From C.V. – enCircle Doula Training

“With patience and clarity, Carrie led our group through a dynamic and organic learning experience.  She let our questions guide the experience, honoring what came up in each moment for each us, while making sure we covered all the necessary topics.  She possesses a mix of wisdom and knowledge, displaying a comprehensive knowledge about the birth process and a deep wisdom about how to nurture, support, and empower birthing women.  Carrie also demonstrates a commitment to supporting all types and levels of assets; a person’s ability to participate in her workshop is not limited to their ability to pay.  Instead, Carrie looks for and offers multiple channels for the giving and receiving of knowledge to happen, whether it’s work study trades or a commitment to paying forward.

I considered my workshop to be a gift.  Sitting in a circle each week to share our experiences, to ask questions, and to learn and grow together felt like a natural expression of how we relate to each other as women.

The workshops offered at Big Belly Services are grounded in a human-centered practice, where small groups and deep conversations can lead to transformation.  For a topic like birth, one that transcends boundaries and moves from understanding biology and best practices down to the core of who we are as human beings, this approach to learning is deeply supportive of the content being covered.  Carrie’s classes also offer time for reflection and integration, a crucial practice for this type of learning.”From L.D. – April/May 2014 enCircle Doula Training

“Carrie Kenner was, and is, the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Her explanations are clear, her demeanor is very approachable and light, and she works hard to get the content across in different ways so that it is accessible to all.  I constantly try to keep up with what her future schedule offerings are, so that I can return to her classes.

The course I took was life altering.  I return to the teachings and handouts frequently, even though it has been a few years ago.  I feel like the experience was vital to my development as a doula and it was a fantastic foundation for my career.

I chose the class because it was close, and the syllabus looked amazing.  I am still in awe of the ground we were able to cover in such a short time together.” –  From C.M. – May 2011 Sacred Doula Training

“Carrie was incredibly knowledgable and thoughtful in her teachings. I appreciated that she truly advocates for what the mother wants/needs, versus her own opinions (ie, home birth vs hospital). Her kindness and hospitality made the long, hot summer days very doable!
I liked that the class was structured, but open enough that we could explore topics we were each interested in. We were free to ask as many questions and share stories – it felt like a sisterhood at the end 🙂

I had looked at one other option, but a friend of mine recommended Carrie’s class and I’m extremely thankful I went for it!” – From H.C. – July/August 2013 enCircle Doula Training

“Carrie is rich in knowledge and wise in spirit. Our group learned so much from her through our discussion oriented sessions. I would highly recommend her trainings to anyone wanting to learn not only about birth, but also how navigate the ins and outs of the accompaniment role of a doula. I loved the circle structure and the style of the class. Some lecture, lots of visual learning, group discussions, etc.

I considered another program’s 4-day training and chose Carrie’s 7-week workshop instead. I learn best over time, incorporating what I learn as a process. I loved developing relationships with other doulas-to-be and developing more of a relationship with my instructor. I feel I can still access Carrie as a teacher, whereas that might not have been the case in a short-term intensive with a large group of learners.” – From D.W. – Sept/Oct 2011 enCircle Doula Training

“Carrie’s teaching abilities allowed the perpectives of myself and other students to be heard, clarified, and stretched. I always left class day feeling inspired and with an open mind, a mind with space to explore, digest, and wonder more.

I really liked that this course was spread out over 7 weeks so I had time to integrate and let the information incubate. I had time to ponder and ask questions.  I loved this class. I didn’t want the 7 weeks to end. It was very thorough and left me feeling well prepared for something I had never done before.” – From C.B. – Feb/March 2011 enCircle Doula Training

“Carrie as a doula educator is in her element. She is balance between heart, head, and instinct, exuding calm confidence with quick intellect, as well as current knowledge of all the intricacies of being a doula- from navigating the often tricky world of hospital birth to present moment soothing techniques to center a laboring mama.

The Sacred Doula training was amazing, holistic, informative, and empowering. Life is sacred! Birth is sacred! Every parent deserves to know this and have the tools to make it so. More doulas!

I did not look at other classes b/c this one appealed to me for three reasons 1) Sacred Doula training validates my belief that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift, and sacredness and spirituality, HOWEVER that looks, needs to be integrated into EVERYTHING we do.  2) Big Belly Services came highly recommended over all from local folks and my midwife on Whidbey Island.  3) This training was held on beautiful Orcas Island, meaning it was in my neck of the woods.” – From E.B. – November 2010 Orcas Island Doula Training

“I adore Carrie.  She’s an amazing and dedicated instructor.  I learned so much during these courses about how to support women through labor and the postpartum period.

Doula training on Orcas island was nothing short of magical.  We spent 5 days together learning about the wonders of pregnancy and birth, eating delicious food made by Carrie, soaking in the tubs and even exploring the island a bit.

I originally took this course for my own personal enrichment and hoped to be a doula for my sisters someday.  After taking this course I actually changed my career path from nursing to midwifery and now I’m more than halfway done with midwifery school [Ed note:  She is now a licensed midwife!] . Even though this course was a prerequisite for the program that wasn’t my intention at all!  You never know where life will lead you…

I did look at other courses but I chose this one because it was also a retreat where we got to focus on just learning how to be a doula for several days.  It was a birthday present to myself.  I liked that it was a small intimate group and not 30+ people for a couple long weekend days.  I also got a personal recommendation from a friend about Carrie’s course and I’m so glad I listened.” – From M.C. – November 2010 Orcas Island Doula Training

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

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