Big Belly Services is moving on...

Big Belly Services is closing July 23, 2019.

Carrie Kenner is leaving Seattle to travel the country in a camper van for a few years.


Where’s Carrie going?  Carrie will be driving all over the United States (with a few flights abroad).  She will be teaching for Birthing From Within as she travels, and running her new business at remotely.

What will happen to the doula trainings? The enCircle Doula Training, known for it’s 7-week series and 5-day immersion, will be transitioning to Amity Kramer with Thresholds. Amity will also offer in-person continuing education for birth professionals, and focus on training birth doulas to be racial and social justice advocates in birth work.

Can we follow Carrie?  Yes!  Find out what Carrie is doing now at and follow her adventures on her blog.

But I wasn’t done learning from Carrie, how do I continue?  Carrie will be offering all her advanced doula trainings through her Webinars for Birth Professionals and Business Coaching programs.

Looking for a doula? Fill out the Doula Request Form here.

Looking for placenta encapsulation? Caellyn can help you here.

Thank you for all your years of support!  Keep making the world a better place!