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 Birth Doula Trainings


As someone who has been called to be a doula, you’ve contemplated birth. And you know that growing a baby, and birthing a baby, and growing a child into a healthy human takes time. So does doula training. It doesn’t happen in an hour, or a few days’ rushed training, or in one book that you read. It takes time. So the pacing of a doula training has to reflect that – with patience, and depth, and listening to ourselves and each other. Knowing when to move on and when to give more time to a subject. Everything in my doula trainings reflect the process of gestating a baby, birthing a baby, and knowing how to sit. How to sit with time, with reverence, with an uncomfortable topic, or a challenging birth… until it’s finished.

Do you hunger to support these people in labor?






Then come to my birth doula training!

And experience the joy of helping families bring new life into the world!






Choose from enCircle Birth Doula Training – a 7-week, once a week series held in Seattle, WA.  Or if you don’t live in the greater Seattle area, choose a residential or 4-day intensive held around the country (or bring one to your home town).  If you want the ultimate birth doula training experience, come to the Sacred Doula Training (it’s only held once a year!).

enCircle Birth Doula Trainings are extraordinary small-group workshops that prepare you to be a doula. This is the option for you if you live in the Seattle area, or are able to come to Seattle once a week, and want time to digest what you learn. Why is this workshop so great? Read what past students have to say.

Residential or intensive trainings allow you to complete your training in less than a week. Even though the classes are held in multiple consecutive days, there is not a tight agenda to adhere to, and the pace is designed for dialog, questions, and integration of information.  This is a great option for you if you have to travel to attend a training, or if you want to combine your training with a vacation and hang out with your fellow students outside of class to keep talking about birth!

The Sacred Doula Training is my flagship, one-of-a-kind, week-long retreat-style doula training held at Breitenbush Hot Springs every Spring.  Your doula training + Hot spring retreat = Divine!

Join me for a sample class and learn 3 basic skills that all doulas possess, along with 5 other childbirth professions that you might be interested in.

Watch a class in action!

“Carrie as a doula educator is in her element. She is balanced between heart, head, and instinct, exuding calm confidence with quick intellect, as well as current knowledge of all the intricacies of being a doula – from navigating the often tricky world of hospital birth to present moment soothing techniques to center a laboring mama.”

How much is a doula training?  And how do I pay for it?

I’d love to help you become a doula!  And I know that some people cannot afford to pay the full fee for a doula training up front.

To help you get started, I offer payment plans and partial scholarships for the workshop fee for all of my doula trainings.  The workshop fee for most of my doula trainings is on a sliding scale from $650-800; you pay what is reasonable for you and for the value you receive.

Payment Plans. Anyone can work out a payment plan.  You just tell me the dates and amounts you can pay – it’s that simple!  I prefer at least the $250 deposit before the workshop begins, and to be paid in full by the time it ends, but some folks have to make payments after the workshop ends.  And if you apply for PayPal credit, you can pay in full right now and PayPal will give you up to 6 months to pay interest free.

Scholarships.  I offer partial scholarships through the Carrie Kenner Social Justice Works! Scholarship fund. These scholarships are intended for people who will be able to address racial and social justice issues in their communities with their doula work.  Contact me for an application, or click here to donate to the fund.

My doula trainings also qualify for the Swedish Doula Program scholarship program. If you live in the Seattle area and identify as a person in an under-represented community, please contact the Swedish Doula Program for scholarship info at 206-215-6106.

Read more Testimonials from past participants

And once you have completed your basic doula training, I offer a series of Advanced Workshops for your continued learning.  Want to know when the next classes are?  Click on the calendar below.

Seattle doula training calendar

Can’t decide?  Read ‘How to choose the best doula training for you‘.

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

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