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enCircle Birth Doula Training


Creating a new life takes time – whether it’s growing a baby, or starting a new career as a doula. I know you are eager to start changing lives. But please don’t rush the process. This is the most spacious doula training I offer. Just as a baby needs time to gestate, developing and integrating cells into a whole new being, YOU need time to learn and integrate skills, information, and beliefs to give birth to yourself as a new doula.

That’s why I created the enCircle Doula Training. Instead of rushing the process, I give you the time you need to integrate, prepare and reflect to give birth to the doula inside. In your enCircle Doula Training, there is no agenda. I expertly guide you through all the information and skills you need to serve families in birth, but at YOUR pace. Class size is kept small so there is plenty of time for questions and individual attention. I rarely use PowerPoint, you’ll see lots of videos, we’ll try out new skills with each other, and learn through engaging activities. I also incorporate the essential elements of racial and social justice. If you don’t live close enough to travel to classes on a weekly basis, or can’t attend on weekdays, or simply have to get your training done quickly, check out the 4-day intensive doula trainings I offer.

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Welcome to an enCircle Birth Doula Training


What will you experience in an enCircle Birth Doula Training?



  • Small class size – Limited to 10 participants, the small-group format allows for in-depth discussion of topics and more individualized attention than a large class can offer.  You will literally ‘sit in circle’ and be enCircled as we explore the significance of birth, modern birth practices, the doula’s role, and much more;
  • Community-building – Because of our small setting, you’ll walk out with connection, collaboration and community
  • A wisdom-circle setting – This means no tables and chairs (well, we do have chairs, but they aren’t behind tables);
  • A focus on issues of racism, gender identity, ethnic respect, social justice, and cultural competence in our roles and service as doulas;
  • Dialog and experiential-based activities;
  • Time between class each week to digest and integrate what you are learning;
  • Customized topics and areas of interest to you;
  • Methods to ground yourself, cope with emotional and physical strain, care for yourself during a long labor, support for your health, and release after a birth.

“I considered my workshop to be a gift.  Sitting in a circle each week to share our experiences, to ask questions, and to learn and grow together felt like a natural expression of how we relate to each other as women.”

The enCircle Birth Doula Training is especially designed for those who:

  • learn best in a smaller class size
  • want to be part of a community
  • prefer dialog-based and interactive learning over lecture-based learning
  • are open to learning and sharing with others in your group
  • want to be able to ask questions and get answers
  • are ready to delve into self-awareness and experiencing group dynamics

Watch a class in action!

This training has been approved to meet two steps toward certification by DONA (DONA International, the world’s premier doula organization). The enCircle Doula Training also qualifies for the Swedish Doula Program scholarship program. If you identify as a person in an under-represented community, please contact the organization for further information about the scholarship.  For Swedish Doula Program scholarship info, call the program office at 206-215-6106.

“I really liked that this course was spread out over 7 weeks so I had time to integrate and let the information incubate. I had time to ponder and ask questions.  I loved this class. I didn’t want the 7 weeks to end. It was very thorough and left me feeling well prepared for something I had never done before.”

Read more of what past students have to say.

How much is a doula training?  And how do I pay for it?

I’d love to help you become a doula!  And I know that some people cannot afford to pay the full fee for a doula training up front.

To help you get started, I offer payment plans and partial scholarships for the workshop fee for all of my doula trainings.  The workshop fee for most of my doula trainings is on a sliding scale from $650-800; you pay what is reasonable for you and for the value you receive.

Payment Plans. Anyone can work out a payment plan.  You just tell me the dates and amounts you can pay – it’s that simple!  I prefer at least the $250 deposit before the workshop begins, and to be paid in full by the time it ends, but some folks have to make payments after the workshop ends.  And if you apply for PayPal credit, you can pay in full right now and PayPal will give you up to 6 months to pay interest free.

Scholarships.  I offer partial scholarships through the Carrie Kenner Social Justice Works! Scholarship fund. These scholarships are intended for people who will be able to address racial and social justice issues in their communities with their doula work.  Contact me for an application, or click here to donate to the fund.

My doula trainings also qualify for the Swedish Doula Program scholarship program. If you live in the Seattle area and identify as a person in an under-represented community, please contact the Swedish Doula Program for scholarship info at 206-215-6106.


The enCircle Birth Doula Training is designed for the non-professional.  You do not need to be a nurse or a medical professional, nor do you have to have given birth or attended a birth, to attend the workshop and/or be a doula. The following pre-requisites will make the course most useful and valuable for you: 1.     A good understanding of the spoken and written English language

2.    Reading (or at least scanning) the required textbooks in advance of the training

Required texts:

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide (Fourth Edition, 2010) by Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, and Janet Whalley

The Birth Partner (Fourth Edition, 2013) by Penny Simkin

The Doula Book: How a Trained Labor Companion Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth (Third Edition, 2012) by Marshall Klaus, Phyllis Klaus, and John Kennell

Ancient Map for Modern Birth (First Edition, 2017) by Pam  England

About Your Instructor

Sacred Doula CarrieCarrie Kenner, BA, CBE, CD(DONA), CDT(DONA), has been helping people have babies for over 30 years.  As an 18-year-old first-time mother in 1979, she desired a homebirth and searched for over three months to find midwives to attend her at home.  Her search for midwifery care fueled her passion for supporting people in their right to have the births they desire, to access for information and support for normal birth, and in rediscovering individual power through birth.  She began supporting her friends and sister in birth in 1981 and teaching childbirth education in 1982. In 2001, Carrie started her own business as a childbirth educator and birth doula.  Since then, she has attended over 300 births, worked with over 800 families as an educator, birth doula, pre-conception counselor, and postpartum support provider, and trained and mentored over 1,000 doulas.  She is a DONA-approved Birth Doula Trainer and a certified Birthing From Within mentor.  She is a Senior Instructor at the Simkin Center at Bastyr University as a doula and childbirth educator trainer.   Carrie owns and operates Big Belly Services in Seattle, WA, providing doula trainings and continuing education.  Carrie is also passionate about sustainable food production and is an urban farmer in Seattle.  She has three sons and eight grandchildren.

“I adore Carrie.  She’s an amazing and dedicated instructor.”

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Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

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