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About Big Belly Services

My Mission:  To promote a more peaceful world through gentle birth and sustainable food production.

Big Belly Services was born in 2001 by Carrie Kenner.  Originally, the Mission of Big Belly Services was to promote birth as a peace movement.  This was accomplished by teaching and supporting the following tenets:

  • Birth matters to parents, babies, and families

  • Pregnancy and birth are normal processes

  • Babies and pregnant people share experiences

  • Empowered parents will birth with confidence and in awareness

  • Babies are conscious, aware, and expressive

  • It is never too late to show love and kindness

Over the years, as I’ve added to my world interests, I’ve added to my Mission.  I still believe that how we birth and are birthed matters most to the future of the world.  It is both the cause, and the symptom, of the condition of society.  I’ve also come to learn that how we treat the planet, and how we eat, is a part of that future as well.  If we grow babies – or food- in peace, that is what we are cultivating.  If we grow food – or babies – with technology over nature, we do more harm than good.

My Vision

I am worried about the condition of our planet and about the state of humanity.  I absolutely know that how we are birthed is at the core of how we, as humans, view the world and humanity.  If we are birthed – and birth – in a system that values nature more than technology, with people who see the importance of the individual in front of them, in a room that prioritizes peace and sanctity, then from our very foundation we will value nature, individuals and peace.  We will expect that of our world, and of ourselves.

And if we grow food in a way that values quality more than quantity, natural methods over chemicals, and biodiversity over familiarity, we will be healthier people living on a healthier planet with cleaner air and water and soil.

Birth is a transforming process.  I have personally experienced and witnessed the emotional, psychological and spiritual impact it has on babies, parents, and families.   I am passionate and hopeful about the process of birth and the transformation it brings.

Growing food is also a transforming process.  To see a tiny seed grow into a plant that not only feeds you, but provides food and shelter for birds and insects, nourishes the soil, creates beauty, and creates the seeds for an endless future of this same plant is mesmerizing!

I envision a world where are all people are trusted to bring forth their babies in the ways that will most manifest their innate wisdom, internal power, and love.  I envision a world where all parents and families are nurtured and respected as the guardians of the future.  I envision a world where all babies are birthed in dignity and respect for their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities.  And I envision a world where all people are provided with food and an environment to grow into their full capacity to love, learn, and become their destiny.

I am optimistic. I believe we can and will change the future of our planet and humanity by ensuring that all parents are empowered and respected when they are bringing their babies into the world, by ensuring a gentle birth and sacred beginning for all babies, and by honoring the earth and all that it provides for us.  It is my privilege and my responsibility to support families and communities in that process.


Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

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