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Thank you for caring and taking action by learning more. Now, more than ever before, we need YOU to help turn the tide for the next generation to ensure that every baby is welcomed from a big belly into open arms.

- Amity Kramer and Carrie Kenner -

There have been some changes at Big Belly Services and you are welcome to read more about them further down the page. For quick reference if you are looking for:

The Future of Our Doula Trainings

Big Belly Services had twins! There are now two doula trainings to choose from. The enCircle birth doula training, which Big Belly Service is known for, is now being offered for folks in the Pacific Northwest at Thresholds.

Carrie Kenner is currently training doulas through the international organization Birthing From Within.

Both doula trainings have their own unique strengths and we highly recommend that you do a fair amount of research before choosing the right training for you.

enCircle Doula Trainings

The enCircle Doula Training, known for it’s 7-week series and 5-day immersions in Seattle, has transitioned to Thresholds, with Amity Kramer. The birth doula training and continuing education for birth professionals will continue to focus on training birth doulas to be racial and social justice advocates in birth work.

Birthing From Within Doula Trainings

If you are feeling called to enter a supported long term training that will shift your connection to birth and yourself the Birthing From Within doula training may be right for you. Birthing From Within offers a form of mentorship and transformation that is changing birth in our culture! Carrie Kenner has taken her depth of knowledge and is training doulas from all over the United States and around the world.

History of enCircle Doula Trainings

Carrie Kenner and me, Amity, have some very exciting times ahead. I could not be more honored in my role as Doula Trainer. I am beyond humbled that Carrie has put her faith in me, to continue the enCircle Doula Trainings in the tradition of integrity, inclusion, and love.

The history of enCircle doula trainings started with Carrie Kenner, founder of Big Belly Services. Carrie had been helping babies come into the world before she even knew what a doula was! She started leading Birthing From Within childbirth classes and being a full time doula in 2000. (I met Carrie in a childbirth class when I was pregnant in 2008, and started mentoring classes in 2010 after the birth of my second child.)

Carrie started offering doula trainings in Seattle, through Big Belly Services in 2005. Over the years more than 2000 doulas have trained with Carrie, both at Big Belly Services and over her long teaching career with the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Professions. Carrie was even my doula trainer in 2009, when I started my journey as a birth worker.

We have been part of each other's lives for over 11 years!

Fast forward to 2019! Carrie became co-owner of Birthing From Within! Carrie made the leap into a life on the road, driving around the country (in her self-built motor home!) bringing the wonders of Birthing From Within to birth professionals in the U.S.-- and even across the globe. Even though she was leaving Seattle, she wanted enCircle Doula Trainings to still be available.

So, in early 2019 we began the transition with many hours of conversation, observation, training, and more conversation. We are finally ready for the handover from enCircle Doula Trainings being offered by Big Belly Services to Thresholds.

This training meets the high standards of PALS (Pacific Association of Labor Support) and Swedish Hospital's Doula Program and both organizations have recognized the transition and approve the enCircle/Big Belly Services curriculum for trainings and certification.

If you wish to learn more about Carrie, follow her travels, or work with her directly, please check out her website at

Carrie is one of the most innovative women I have ever met and I highly encourage you to keep track of her. She will have continued engagement with the enCircle Doula Trainings in an advisory role.

Thank you for reading about the history of enCircle Doula Trainings. As always, if you have any questions please reach out. You are welcome to email me at or call directly at 206-819-1383.

Dear Birth Workers,

You deserve personalized mentorship and support— so that you can cross your next threshold with confidence! Please take a look at the new offerings and let us know if you have any questions.

- Amity Kramer -



Carrie Kenner

Carrie Kenner has been traveling around the country, leading Birthing From Within trainings. She has been logging her travels at where you can also find her advanced doula trainings Webinars for Birth Professionals and Business Coaching programs. You can follow her adventures on her blog.

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