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Advancing the Sacred Feminine

A Retreat for World-Weary Women (and Men)

November 6-9, 2017

Breitenbush Hot Springs – Detroit, OR


I am pleased to offer the 10th annual Advancing the Sacred Feminine Retreat.  In the past, this retreat was titled ‘Advancing Sacred Birth’, and was designed for those working with birthing families.  But we’ve changed! Expanded! Responded! to the world’s cry for more of the sacred feminine to be honored in all of us.  Facilitated by Carrie Kenner and Gigi Wickwire, Advancing the Sacred Feminine invites those who are tending to the world, nurturing love and connection in their communities, embracing a changing paradigm for humanity.

In this retreat, you will participate in a profound experience based on the wise-woman tradition of the Red Tent.  Instead of focusing on an agenda, learning objectives, lecture-based sessions, and CEUs, we create the space and opportunity for flow-based learning and exploration as individuals and within a community.  Our intention is to create a gathering space for those seeking the sacred feminine to come to from far and wide.  In this space, you will join with your kindred spirits to:

  • remove yourself from your daily routines
  • release your frustrations and grievances from the work that you do
  • remind yourself of your power and beauty
  • remember your inherent responsibilities to yourself, your sisters and brothers, Mother Earth, Nature, and the divine
  • renew your energy
  • return to your daily life refreshed

Please join us in this exploration…

NOTE:  Continuing in the wise woman tradition, we use Word-of-Mouth to spread the news of this workshop.  Please tell your friends and colleagues about Advancing the Sacred Feminine.

What is the Red Tent?

What is a Red Tent?

The Red Tent  symbolizes the sacred and safe space of the womb.  It offers seclusion, represents change, and inspires passion, creativity, and self-reflection.  The physical manifestation of the Red Tent is a place where women gather to be women, though our tent is open to all genders.  The existence of the Red Tent does not downplay or replace the important work that we do out in the world on a daily basis, but instead offers a reprieve from daily life to rest and recharge (and let loose and be oneself).

Where will our Red Tent be?

At Breitenbush, our Red Tent will exist in the safe haven of the River Yurt.  This space will be our private space for the four days we are together, a place to gather as creators and guardians of a new future.  You may move about the grounds of Breitenbush as you wish, and spend as much time with our community or individually as you wish, always with our Red Tent to return to.  The space will house our community, and our activities during the workshop.

What happens inside our Red Tent?

Inside the Red Tent, we will hold scheduled group activities.  Outside of those times, the Red Tent is open to you for meditation, art, reading, reflection, and song.

What are the group activities that have been planned?

We schedule a few group activities throughout our four days together.   Most are optional.  We do request that all participants gather with us on our first evening for introductions, as well as participate in our opening and closing rituals.   Each year we plan activities that focus on a theme we are exploring; we also assess the needs of the individual participants and leave space to do what calls to us.  In the past, our group activities have included a talking circle where we improve our communication and listening skills, self-massage, ecstatic dance, art, grief work, dream work, floating meditation, guided meditation, ceremony, embodiment exercises, chanting, and a special labyrinth walk.

Is there free time?

Yes! Abundant time for soaking and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Breitenbush is yours.  After all, this is a retreat!  Art materials, books, films and music will be available to you in the Red Tent.

(NOTE:  Babes in arms are welcome in the Red Tent outside of scheduled activities.  Due to the sacred nature of the Red Tent, no non-participants are allowed into the space.)

Fees, Lodging & Details

About Your Instructors

carrie 2014aCarrie Kenner, BA, CBE, CD(DONA), CDT(DONA), is a retired doula and childbirth educator, an educator in areas of birth, sexuality, reproduction, and families, a mother, grandmother, and wise-woman.  She has been helping people have babies for over 30 years.

In 2001, Carrie started her own business as a childbirth educator and birth doula.  Since then, she has attended over 300 births, worked with over 800 families as an educator, birth doula, pre-conception counselor, and postpartum support provider, and trained and mentored over 2,000 doulas.  She is a DONA-approved Birth Doula Trainer and a certified Birthing From Within mentor.  She is on the faculty of the Simkin Center at Bastyr University.   Carrie owns and operates Big Belly Services in Seattle, WA, providing doula trainings and continuing education.

Carrie is also passionate about sustainable food production and food justice, and is an urban farmer in Seattle.  She grows vegetables, berries, fruit trees, culinary and medicinal herbs, and chickens, and has a small seedling business.  She has three sons and eight grandchildren that delight her.  Her favorite memories from last year are the times she spent with her grandkids camping, eating, and watching them grow.  She finds great joy and healing in singing and dancing, and is learning to play the guitar.

Fees, Lodging & Details

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

Big Belly Services offers a range of services to support your family and community, including
urban farming, doula trainings and retreats, & placenta encapsulation.

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