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About Carrie Kenner


Hello!  My name is Carrie Kenner and I am the proud mother of Big Belly Services.  I started Big Belly Services in 2001 after the birth of my last child.  Here’s my story:

Becoming a Mother

I have three children ranging in age from fourteen to thirty-five years.  I am also the grandmother to eight glorious beings.  My journey into childbirth began while pregnant with my first child.  As a young, first-time mother-to-be who believed I could do it, I wanted to read everything I could find on natural birth.

It was 1979, and I wanted a home birth.  In those days, you couldn’t just look on the internet (or even the phone book) to find a list of midwives.  But I relentlessly persevered to find midwives to support me, and had a powerful experience.    I found birth to be transforming to who I was as a person, and wanted to share that positive aspect with others.

Becoming a Doula and Educator

My first passion was to spread the magic I experienced, and be a midwife.  I began by supporting friends and my sister in labor in 1981.  And then, another child was on the way.  While pregnant with my second child, I studied with the Tacoma Childbirth Education Association and began teaching childbirth preparation classes.

With two small children to raise, I was unable to afford out-of-pocket midwifery school, so I decided to pursue being a doctor. After three years of pre-med, I learned that being a doctor wasn’t where my heart was at (and I still couldn’t afford midwifery school) so I worked in healthcare administration for the next 16 years. I left that work in December 2000 before the birth of my third son, and decided to return to my original passion and resumed teaching childbirth classes and became a professional doula.  I became a certified doula in 2002, and am a Certified Mentor with  BIRTHING FROM WITHIN®.

Because of my experience working with families in all stages of their parenting journeys, and my interest in pre- and perinatal psychology, I began offering pre-conception counseling in 2003.  I expanded my counseling services to offer support to new families as they make decisions about their birthing options, and to help families resolve disappointment or trauma after difficult births.

In 2006, I fulfilled a years-long dream and held the first Sacred Doula Training at Breitenbush Hot Springs.  The joy I felt at manifesting this dream, and the rewards from uniting with many other kindred spirits around the sacredness of birth, made my heart swell and further ignited my fire to share my passion.  I now offer the Sacred Doula Training annually each Spring.  But I couldn’t limit the sacredness of learning from and about the divine feminine, while sitting in circle, to just once a year, so I created the enCircle Birth Doula Workshop which is offered every other month in Seattle.

I am also fortunate to work with aspiring doulas and midwives as an instructor at Bastyr University.  I am an instructor in the Simkin Center at Bastyr, serving as Senior Instructor for the Birth Doula Skills Workshop and Childbirth Educator Training.

Becoming a Visionary

My life’s work is to heal the world and manifest peace by changing the nature of how we do things – from how we eat, to how we birth, to how we work.  I presented my vision of Birth as a Peace Movement at the University of Washington in May 2006, and have conducted advanced doula trainings on Newborn Consciousness and Ensuring Gentle Birth for Babies.

My intention as a teacher, doula, counselor, and trainer is to facilitate self-discovery in others, and to raise awareness of the optimal state of being human.  I teach about the consciousness of babies from pre-conception and onwards, and about the abundance of health that is offered by our planet.  I derive my greatest joy witnessing the transformation a person goes through in their parenting journey, as well as from watching a seed turn into a fruiting plant.  I am honored to be able to work with people at this incredible time in history, to do what I love, and call it my ‘work’.

Becoming a Farmer

I am passionate about honoring our earth and our environment – the universe.  I started my first organic garden in 1996 by reading books, plowing up my back yard, and building raised beds.  I’ve had a garden ever since, either at my home, or at a local P-Patch.  In 2009, I spent six months on a small permaculture farm in Snohomish, learning how to raise small farm animals, my own food, and live in harmony with land.  I trained as a Master Gardener, and became a certified Food Preservation Educator.  I created a suburban farm in 2011, and am now urban farming in Seattle, raising chickens, ducks and rabbits, and tending a large garden. I built a greenhouse this past year and now sell vegetable, culinary and medicinal herbs, and flower seedlings.

Sustainable food production, social justice regarding food access, and food as medicine are issues that I am invested in.  I try to raise as much of my own food as possible, and share with my neighbors.  I know that every little bit we can do together as a community to have control over our food sources will improve the health of our bodies, and our planet.

I love reading, learning from children, gardening, dancing, hanging out with trees, being in water, and sunshine.  I LOVE babies and would love to have had many more : )

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